Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Releases from A-Game

Dude is putting out songs damn near everyday.....with a grind like this A-Game will be big in NO time. He had preoven that he is fuckin talented. Everyone that reads this.....TELL ALL YA FRIENDS TO CHECK OUT A-GAME

Here are all the releases of A-Game music

Remix to O Let's Do It

It's 2 EZ(for NBA 2k11)!/video/video.php?v=1310921375679&subj=1309950201

Hottest in the City Trailer

It's EZ(Remix to Let the Beat Build)

Outro(For the Fam)- O ya Korey is mentioned lol

ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I been waiting for this to drop for the longest now.
You are thinkin game......NO....but Kendra SEXTAPE......HELL YAAAA......
A sextape of a playboy bunny, who wouldnt wanna see that???
I know girls thats gonna watch it

the link is below
make sure you are 18 years of age or older...if so enjoy

David Correy

I started listening to this guy when he was DC the Loverboy and also Rico Lee....... Not lieing is one of the most talented artist I have every heard. DC got good lyrics, good songs and A Beat Voice (No Home). Dude almost make beast songs.....His Urban Rock Mixtape was prettty nice. DC range is incredible. His single "Dreamin" is KRAZY. Im really suprised that this dude is not like one of the biggest stars in the world right now......Give it about a year and everybody gonna be bumping his shit....David Correy is about to BLOW(No Homo) Everybody check this dude out.
Below are links to a few of his videos.

Remix to Drake's Over

Career Academy Fight

SO I just saw the brawl at Career Academy in Saint Louis Mo. Man Im ashamed to say that this happened 5 minutes from my house. This is a Damn Shame. But I aint gonna lie the shit was funny check the link out below

JUNE......Good Month for Music???

Many big named artist are dropping their albums this moneth........and some are dropping their first album.

1st Drake- Thank Me Later-June 15th

I'm expecting really big things from this album. This a very long awaited album...Drake dropped his mixtape So Far Gone in 2009 which was basically a album. This album features the two beast song "Over" and his latest single "Find You Love" (which is suprisingly good).....I dont think Drake will will disappoint, so everybody watch of for this album.

2sd Travie Mccoy(from Gym Class Heroes)- Lazarus- June 8th

This is his first solo album. He is signed under T Pain's record Label "Nappy Boy Records." I love the Gym Class Heroes so I'm expecting pretty big things from this guy, but I heard a few things he has done solo and its notreally up to par. His first single of the album "Lazarus" feat. Bruno Mars is pretty hot. This one is really up in the Air.

Last but definitely not least is Eminem- Recovery- June 22nd.

Um.....Pretty much...I feel this album is going to be the shit. After listening to his new material......Eminem seems like he is back to the old Emeinem. His first single off the album is "Not Afraid." This song really shocked me, Slim Shady went HARD. He also released a freestyley which showed he is back to the old Eminem. This is the album that I am anticipating the most this summer. He even stated in his latest song "Not Afraid", "Lets be honest the last relapse C.D. was ehhhhhh" He knows that album was Garbage. As long as he keeps going like he is then he will have a pretty good album......I forgot to say he is almost my favorite rappers. HE'S BACK(Hopefully)

Leave me Comments and tell me what you thinnk.........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/20....Big day

A-Game trailer for his mix tape Hottest N tha City has finally dropped. The trailer features remixes to Lil Wayne's "Let the Beat Build" and also Shorty da Kid's Wah Wah Wow. A-Game has also Leaked two songs.....the full version of the remix to "Let the Beat Build" and the outro for the mixtape titled "For the Fam." This mixtape will be dropping this summer. View the trailer below. Download the two songs he has leaked below....and tell everybody to visit the blog.....Kreative Nation....IT'S A MOVEMENT!!!!

Its 2 EZ(Let the Beat Build)-

Outro(For the Fam)-

Monday, March 29, 2010

Music is his LIFE....Not Just A-Game

Honestly speaking, I dont really listen to many local rappers. Either I have heard the same style or the music is plain bad.(Everyone is not a rapper) I went away to school and met this dude Anthoney "A-Game" Ellis. This dude has talent. I want to call him a rapper but he is not a rapper, this dude is an artist. Let's take a run down on things.
Lyrics: CHECK
Metaphors: CHECK
Confidence: CHECK
Kreativity(Or Swag for the hoodlums): CHECK
This guy has all the tools to be a great artist.

His style is his own, He is like not other rapper out right now. I asked him "A-Game who are you most like and what do you bring to the table?"
A-Game says "I'm not gonna say the cliche thing that everyone else says, that I bring someone new to the table, I bring me to the table." and "I am like no one, No copying styles, I Do Me."
He has leaked one of the best smoking songs I have heard in a while, "Blowin N Da Wind."(Link for Blowin N Da Wind Below) "Blowin N Da Wind" will be on his debut album, The Coolezt Loser.(No Drop Date) His highly anticipated mixtape Best in the City: Volume 1 drops later this summer. He has leaked two songs and a trailer. I can see t now and this Guy will be BIG.....A-Game you got all the shit you need to be sucessful, SO DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!!!!!!!